Whether in pop-up shops, offices, wellness areas, restaurants, showrooms, hotels, lobbies, discotheques, waiting rooms, food courts or commercial areas, Adrenalina caters to the contract furniture and hospitality industry.

With its iconic shapes and bespoke hues, it conforms to the identities of the spaces it occupies and to the habits of the people who inhabit in them.

Unispace Kraft Heinz Milan

Nhow Hotel “A beautiful mind” Milan

Nhow Hotel “Addiction” Milan

Spagnol Studio Czech Republic

Shop Vitamins Perugia

Kulturhaus Mersch Lussemburgo

Loverè Design USA

Omama Social Hotel Aosta

Kristall Hütte Austria

Nhow Hotel “Oh my Pop” Milan

The Beyond Collective UK

Kids Camp Riccione

Ashford Design Outlet UK

Park Hotel Morigi Gatteo a Mare

Nhow Hotel “Materica” Milan

Nhow Hotel Milan “Wemen”

Nhow Hotel Milan “Selfie’sh”

Nhow Hotel Milan “I love nhow”

Nhow Hotel Milan “Wasteland”

Nhow Hotel Milan “Hello Stranger!”

Active Leitners Hotel Austria

Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & Spa

Pomp Shop Münster

Ibis Hotel France

Gala Hotel Misano Adriatico

Houses By Arch & Project Milan

IDS Private Club Saudi Arabia

Bellettini Hotel Milano Marittima

Barcelò Hotel Milan

I-Suite Hotel Rimini

Tourism Office Milan

Ecoarca Spa Rome

Town House Street Hotel Milan

Aperol Terrace Bar Milan

Sammontana Bar Florence

Ribinsk Discotheque Russia

Private Offices Sweden

Valenti’s Gelato U.K.

Bramante Hotel Urbino