Adrenalina’s open and sustainable square for

Rho Fiera Milano
16-21 Aprile 2024

Subverting the traditional concept of the exhibition booth, understood as a static, introverted installation, Adrenalina presents Agorà at the 2024 Milan Furniture Fair: a fluid installation designed to stimulate free interaction between furniture and people. Agorà is a square where people meet people and where people meet furniture. A way of transforming the “non-place” of the aseptic exhibition pavilions into an “inhabited place”: an environment on a human scale, where furniture with character and meaning give the space usability, comfort and atmosphere.

Photo Matteo Lavazza Seranto

A circular booth project

The cardboard tubes that form the core of the rolls of fabric used to cover sofas and armchairs become ephemeral architectural elements, repeated to simulate the colonnade of a portico, a covered square, a museum. A context free of spatial and temporal limits, realised according to the principles of circularity, where a selection of waste materials belonging to the company’s production cycle are transformed into a new design resource, limiting the production of waste typical of the setting up of short-lived events.
The result is a formal dialogue between the furniture and the host space, with the aim of highlighting the spirit of the new Adrenalina collection, which is more essential and rigorous, without renouncing its own unique and irreverent character.

The products are set on the concrete floor with the aim of bringing the space to life through their character. The range offers hybrid lines designed to adapt perfectly to all environments: home, office, museum, hotel. In addition to the Passepartout family, reinterpreted with a new acoustic value thanks to the collaboration with Slalom, four brand new collections will be on show: the sinuosity of the Nefelibata system designed by Stormo Studio, the elegance of the Ombra sofas and armchairs designed by Gae Avitabile, the North Light modular table proposed by Vladislav Tolochko and, finally, Nubia, the heterogeneous family of chairs and armchairs designed by Debonademeo Studio, the brand’s artistic director.

The new collections

Nubia  design Debonademeo Studio

Nefelibata  design Stormo Studio

Nefelibata  design Stormo Studio

Ombra  design Gae Avitabile

Booth design and Art Direction
Debonademeo studio

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