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Adrenalina welcomed visitors to the Milano Design Week 2023 within a perspective grid that takes shape by delineating floor and walls, and becomes substance in the new Passepartout collection: a kaleidoscopic system of modular seating and accessories that generate infinite combinations. Passepartout is not just the name of a collection, but a design concept of an era in which the brand chooses a more rational and versatile design, entrusting it with the role of aesthetic and functional connector between the iconic products that have made its history so far. Adrenalina conveys a special kind of positivity, a living presence that interacts with human beings in their vital flow between home, office and leisure.

Adrenalina’s mission is to bring emotion and value to the world of upholstered furniture. Adrenalina investigates and interprets contemporary living, always telling new stories and daring with enthusiasm from every point of view: conceptual, stylistic and communicative. At times disruptive and sculptural, at times graceful and elegant, Adrenalina conveys a special kind of positivity, Adrenalina is a living presence that interacts with human beings in their flow between home, office and leisure

Booth pics: Matteo Lavazza

PASSEPARTOUT is an architectural series composed of seats and partitions that can fractionate rooms, generating different microcosms for working, waiting, and relaxing. Designed to meet the needs of contemporary living, where lobbies, common spaces, and meeting rooms become operational areas, PASSEPARTOUT fosters a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

The modularity of the basic elements and the numerous accessories make possible to build an infinity of solutions, from individual armchairs to workstations, relaxation areas, micro meeting rooms and vis à vis sofas. An extremely flexible evolution for users and a stimulating opportunity to outline new lifestyles and give space to the creativity of contemporary designers.

Light and slender, OBIQUO is the table with the handle, a stylistic choice that gives the object functionality as it can be moved about easily.  OBIQUO is a series of coffee tables  designed for both a residential and commercial interiors as it is extremely sturdy, exceptionally handy and requires very little maintenance. The handle becomes Its stylema, along with the numerous legs from which it derives its name

design Max Voytenko

ORIT is a set of sharp, lightly drawn lines, which combine and interlock to form everyday objects. Small tables with different sizes are grafted one on top of the other, intertwining and separating to suit the taste or the need of the user. The ORIT series is an ode to minimalism, a celebration of the notion that less is more, where the simplicity of the outline finds a perfect balance with the overall style.

BOLL’s visual simplicity is the strength of its completeness. The series consists of extremely handy and versatile armchairs, ottomans and coffee tables that can range from basic to elegant by playing with finishes and colors. The 2003 BOLL special edition is upholstered in a satin fabric embroidered with oriental-inspired motifs and warm, intense tones. Adrenalina winks at the world of precious silks dedicating this collection to lovers of sophisticated interior pieces, to those in search of an object of desire to embellish a corner of the home, a hotel room, an inspirational area of a public place.

ROCHE satisfies the most demanding gaze and welcomes in a warm embrace those in search of a relaxing break or those who happen to stop for a while by chance. ROCHE‘s 2023 edition is dressed in pink, in soft wool melange fabric, a choice that conveys a feeling of delicacy, the ideal color for a trendy interior with a subtle reference to the muffled atmosphere of cherry blossom.

The graceful outline of LOV softens the setting meant to host it, radiating it with delicate gracefulness. LOV varies a lot, and it can add a touch of style to very different settings, as the choice of colors and finishes it wears substantially change its appearance. The 2023 LOV edition is coloured in delilcate and cosy pastel tones. LOV lives in hybrid situations, private or hotel rooms, waiting areas or sophisticated corners of non-places. LOV lets itself be loved, desired, cuddled.

HAMMOCK is an irregular armchair, both minimalist and rigorous, inspired by the hammock – the hanging cot – and evokes it in its supporting metal structure that enhances the clear geometries of the frame, which come into visual contrast with the softness of the seat. The single armchair with right or left armrest, which until now was configured as a single chair or a sofa for two, changes into a sofa for three or for four or for many people, thanks to the insertion of the central armchair to connect the beginning and the end of the seats row.

SOFT MACHINE interprets the culture of forms: it takes off from the Futuristic aesthetics to evolve into Bolidismo. Its dynamism is derived in part from Futurism and American streamlined design and then contaminated with references to organic forms, 1930s architecture and comics. SOFT MACHINE in the 2023 edition is upholstered in a two-colour, two-way stretch technical fabric with a sartorial feel that enhances the plasticity of its shapes.

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