A rebranding story

In 2023 Adrenalina brings a new expressive language inline with today’s fluid and hybrid housing needs while refining its unique and visionary personality, featuring a concept of rarefied atmosperes.

Today it is the act of living that gives meaning to space and not vice versa: Adrenalina interprets this change with a new approach to the storytelling of each sofa and armchair.

A new approach to the storytelling

The new products and the new communicative language tell a conception of interior design as a living presence that interacts with the actions of contemporary men and women, as they juggle between home, office and free time. Actions today give meaning to space and Adrenalina aims to furnish these new contexts making them habitable. The graphic representation of the new habitat, well developed by Studio Cipria, outlines therefore a new concept of space, an ideal set where human beings coexist with Adrenalina armchairs and sofas, which become the protagonists of the scene depicted in the collage with the photo-insertion technique.

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The collage technique defines imaginary settings inspired by reality, capable of stimulating interpretation and identification. Adrenalina is going to bring Its expressive language in everyday life.

The new look layout is created by Cipria Studio and guided by the Debonademeo who reconfigured the brand image and focused on a new communication code between the brand and its users.

Dario De Meo e Luca De Bona
Annalisa Pruiti Ciariello e Marzia Iacono

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