Simone Micheli

Architect and product and interior designer Simone Micheli manages with his wife Roberta Colla the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Studio which has branches in Florence, Milan, Puntaldia, Dubai, Rabat and Busan. His activities span from architecture to interior, visual and graphic design and communication. A strong identity connotates allo of his ecofriendly creations. Simone Micheli has been Adrenalina sole designer until 2013 and designed Fisk, Sexy Chair, Bomb, Lov, Ouo, Jelly and many other series.

“Stereotype connected to tradition will have to be overcome with vorticosity to define new living scenarios that can be defined as such.”



Pank| Otto | Fisk | R*ck | Wow | Sexychair | Bomb | Lov | Ouo | Jelly | Ata | Atina | Olo | Tube | Pan | Go | Boll | Sedi’ola | B4 | Kids collection


Hotel Regeneration Fuori Salone 2019
Sia Hospitality Design 2018
Cosmoprof Bologna 2018
Wemen – Nhow Hotel 2018
Cersaie Bologna 2018
Hotel Regeneration Fuori Salone 2018
Arte Fiera Bologna 2018
Recicled Soul Mostra Erika Calesini 2017
Temporary Showroom Riccione
Lov by Swarovski
” Hello stranger” – Nhow Hotel 2015