Adrenalina presents its new series at Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

Discover planets and galaxies by Adrenalina!


1959-2019 – 60 years since the first Moon landing

1999-2016 – 20 years since the launch of Adrenalina

Since its debut, Adrenalina has been associated with Space for the futuristic and experimental spirit that distinguishes the brand. 2019 is therefore a special year for Adrenalina which celebrates twenty years of experimental design and shares the occasion with the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. In 2019 Adrenalina springs into space out of the desire to follow its original drive in an interplanetary dimension.


Each of the designers who created the 2019 series “adopted” a planet, letting Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars or the Earth guide them in defining colors and finishes. Launched in the fascinating world of galaxies in the spacecraft of their imagination, the designers have drawn on the specificity of the planet chosen to create new, unexpected and strongly connotated iconic designs that link the past to the present, but with one foot already in the future.The result is an exciting experimentation which perfectly suits the irriverent and adventurous spirit that has guided Adrenalina through two decades. During the past twenty years, Adrenalina has developed the ability to travel many different galaxies while keeping strong connections with the Earth.

ROCHE _ designed by Daria Zinovatnaya
The name Roche (from the French rock, stone) recalls the natural environment of the planet Venus that is mainly composed of petrified lava. The shapes of the elements that make up the series are soft, rounded and elegant, perfect to welcome in a warm embrace those in search of a relaxing break.

MERCURY _ designed by Daria Zinovatnaya
Mercury is an iconic series that draws inspiration from the planet that gave it its name. Its colors land on Planet Earth, intensifying and merging with each other in a set of soft and textured patterns, to simulate the absence of gravity.

GEA _ designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni
Gea, is an 18th century wingchair revisited to take on a Bolidist flair, with a slender outline and en cabriolelegs. It is shaped by gentle hands, guided by a creative and avant-garde mind who imagines it as one of the changing shapes generated by the storms on Jupiter.

BIXIB _ designed by Luca Alessandrini
Bixib draws inspiration from Mars, the red rocky planet: the lightness of silk trapped in resin is grafted with contrasting textured materials, from the full bouclé to essential and reassuring oblique stripes.

SIR-PENT _ designed by Andrea Stramigioli
Sir-Pent, is a modular series of poufs that creates intriguing and flexible configurations and provides lots of smart accessories: USB, Schuko, Wi-Fi, magazine or tablet holder and a technological plant that purifies the air.

BIGALA _ designed by Roberto Giacomucci
Bigala is the result of a reflection on the boundary between inside and outside, between function and evasion. It enhances the role of residential and contract grade seats – armchairs, sofas, benches, pouf – as increasingly changing elements meant to accommodate a universe of opposing relationships.

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