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Rimini Exibition | 11/13 october 2023
Rooms – Hotels Design Lab | Pavillion D3

Adrenalina is the protagonist of NOMADHOTEL, a project by Debonademeo designers for the Rooms – Hotels Design Lab exhibition at InOut Expo. The Rooms event is curated by Sabina Antonini and Alessandra Coppa with the intention of offering unexpected perspectives on the future of the hospitality sector. Utopia is the guiding theme of the 2023 edition and the six hotel rooms offer an unconventional vision of hospitality, interpreted by designers selected by the curators in collaboration with top brands.

In the NOMADHOTEL, the space escapes the traditional concept of the hotel room and accompanies the traveller with his needs. The space is conceived in two macro-areas, the more private one dedicated to rest, the more functional one dedicated to work and, why not, online or face-to-face meetings. The hotel room is therefore no longer a static place to spend the night away from home, but an active environment where all daily activities can be carried out in comfort. The NOMADHOTEL room can be rented by the day or by the hour, depending on the actual needs of the guests: sleeping, working, organising meetings or simply resting.


The PASSEPARTOUT collection is at the heart of a new hotel room concept that is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of travellers. The rich system of modular seats and partitions, power sockets, coffee tables and table tops presented at Salone del Mobile 2023, designed by Debonademeo designers, is enriched for the occasion with custom-made soundproofing panels by Slalom.

“The project imagines overcoming the limits of space and time, subverting the architectural envelope of the hotel building to enhance the furnishings, the accessories, the surfaces that accompany the traveller in every movement. The walls dematerialise and become construction lines, graphic signs within which the spaces dedicated to the various functions take shape”.

The designer of Debonademeo studio talk it.

The NOMADHOTEL is the occasion for a new partnership with Slalom, a well-known brand of acoustic panels. Thanks to this collaboration, PASSEPARTOUT achieves excellent acoustic comfort by using sound-absorbing panels made from recycled materials. Not only a technical advantage, but also an aesthetic one: the panels have a smooth, embossed surface, attractive colours and are environmentally friendly.

Passepartout is the ideal solution for the contemporary hotel room. Conceived as a living architecture, composed of seating and partitions that divide spaces and create areas for different uses, it is an approach that redefines the relationship between living spaces and the well-being of the individual within a hotel room.

The use of modular metal tubing with universal joints makes it easy to connect seats and panels. A range of accessories is also available, including poufs, small tables, table tops integrated into the structure, charging points, lamps, plexiglass partitions and a four-poster bed, a novelty at the Rimini fair.

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