Adrenalina / Collage

07th-12th June 2022 – Rho Fiera Milan
Rho Fiera Milan | Pav.10 C15
Fuorifiera | Arch&project Balbo/bellezza street 13 Milan

Salone del Mobile 2022 has been the first stage in the renewal process that ADRENALINA is undertaking in order to evolve and project its unique and visionary personality into the future.

The pandemic, new technologies and changing lifestyles have introduced new rules and a new way of co-habiting, co-existing, co-operating: the house turns into a temporary but efficient office, the working spaces acquire home-living atmospheres, and places of hospitality, retail, and museography adopt new welcoming codes.

ADRENALINA responds to such a metamorphosis with a versatile furniture variety featuring heterogeneous, modular shapes that can change their soul and adapt to different settings through the use of colour and fabrics.

design Kazuko Okamoto

The modular BISCUIT series owes to the minimal yet functional vision of Japanese design: since less is more, it combines essentiality and modularity. BISCUIT is a series of benches and small tables that can be clustered to host individuals or small groups in search for a place to work, waiting for their appointment or a connecting flight.

design Debonademeo

SWING is a series inspired by synesthesia. The rigidity of the frame is tamed by the softness of the padding; the cold metal wears the warmth of the fabrics. At first glance a seriously rigorous design, but with a feeling of extreme relaxing comfort. Swing is a sofa whose shape recalls hanging gliders and the swinging and dynamic rhythm of the music and dance from the 1920s and 1930s which match the curved and straight lines intersecting vertically and horizontally.

design Daria Zinovatnaya

LEO’s soul is reminiscent of the early 20th century Russian avant-garde.
The alternating solid and empty spaces of the sofa lighten the visual impact and draw the eye to investigate the shapes in detail. LEO’s rigorous geometries recall the typical traits of Constructivism, alternating physical materials, as the iron frame, and intellectual materials, such as the use of color which freely trespasses into a Supremacist conception, with shapes that border on Abstractism.

design Debonademeo

HAMMOCK is an irregular armchair, both minimalist and rigorous, inspired by the hanging cot. It can be either a conversation corner or a cocoon where you can relax and unwind.
It is not just an armchair: by placing two mirrored armchairs side by side you can create a two-seater sofa that guarantees the distance between the people occupying it.

New human needs along with the functional requirements of contemporary living once again guide ADRENALINA creative and manufacturing processes: armchairs, sofas, benches and small tables become form and colour accents juxtaposed with perfect balance in an active and dream-like space, interacting with their setting and with men and women, in a partnership that spells out a new live-ability of the surrounding environment.

Feel invited to take your place in a defined, yet open and welcoming space, where, rather than rooms, uses or hierarchies, you’ll find hybrid areas that allow for the coexistence of otium and negotium, conviviality and privacy.

design Simone Micheli

NUDA celebrates essentiality and frees shapes from overstatement, turning the complexity of our times into simplicity. Its bare outline is a declaration of uncompromising formal purity. In its linearity, Nuda is the symbol of elegance, an instant medium to the appreciation of essence.

Wooden shells and layers of foam rubber, the very materials of which ADRENALINA products are made, are laid bare to become a stylistic statement focussing on material, softness and colour.

As in a perfect artistic collage, ADRENALINA welcomes you with its multifaceted range of furnishings that’ll fit perfectly into any lifestyle and context.

Booth design

Visual architects
Cipria Studio

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