Adrenalina meets Casa Museo Remo Brindisi

Fuorisalone 2024 / Design Variations
Curators Debonademeo Studio

Adrenalina meets Casa Museo Remo Brindisi through a morphological and architectural dialogue in which the absence of colour makes room for the shapes that compose each object. A selection of Adrenalina’s hallmark products was manufactured in a total white version and placed inside the Remo Brindisi house-museum, an architectural space designed by Nanda Vigo to meet living requirements and to bring people, works of art and design together. The interiors built entirely in white ceramic with contrasting joints become an unprecedented backdrop for works by Giacomo Balla, Lucio Fontana, Arturo Martini and Giò Pomodoro. A house that embraces the contemporary soul of Adrenalina and welcomes it naturally and spontaneously, as Maestro Remo Brindisi would have done, a house born to live, to create, to host and to show different and complementary arts and disciplines.

Just as the space of the house-museum is stripped of superstructures, colour and prominence to house works of art, so Adrenalina products are stripped of colour to prove that good design is first and foremost a sign and a form, which together represent the synthesis between design and know-how, between experience and knowledge. The human figures, as in Remo Brindisi’s works, are dark silhouettes whose vaguely performative movements seem to echo the architectural lines or design details of the furniture.

Photo Mauro Foli

The series of images and products on display use a graphic rather than photographic language to speak of timeless design, told through the eye of the photographer as well as that of the artist or architect who is invited to interpret it, colour it, place it in his projects and for his customers, to give life to the Tales of Design that have become the manifesto of the new Adrenalina.

Nefelibata Stormo Studio

Hammock Debonademeo Studio

Ombra Gae Avitabile

North Light Vladislav Tolochko

Nubia Debonademeo Studio

Atina Simone Micheli

Lov  Simone Micheli

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