A capsule collection of artists’ chairs to admire, to experience.

Fuorisalone / Decor Lab
Milano Design Week 24

Fuorisalone is an excellent opportunity to let your imagination and creativity run free. The capsule collection signed by the artistic duo Le Clochart transforms works of art into everyday objects, where every detail is meticulously taken care of and each armchair has its own story to tell. The shapes of the Adrenalina armchairs become blank canvases on which to paint, absorbing the narrative textures and chromatic nuances of Le Clochart’s artistic works, transforming them into hybrid objects, both inspirational and utilitarian..

Le Clochart’s series Artefatti is freely inspired by famous works, reinterpreted in a four-handed work that ‘you know when it starts, not when it ends’. The works are repeatedly passed from Jessica’s hands to Ilaria’s and vice versa, without a precise or predetermined flow. The use of colour reveals a provocative nature, and amidst the bold colours, one glimpses delicate embroidery, detailed to the point of looking like lace, or intersecting thoughts.

Our works seem to come from our hands, but in reality they come from our minds. Our characters and textures are our imperfections that find space on paper and through paint. They are the energies gathered and expressed by our hands, they are the details we observe every day that can only be told through drawing“. Le Clochart

Since its inception in 1999, Adrenalina has been experimenting with form, colour and materials. Over the years, its strong tendency to interact with art and architecture has become a driving force for technical and stylistic research, and parallel disciplines have become fertile ground to explore and cultivate. The meeting with Le Clochart is no coincidence, as the brand has always had its eyes wide open to parallel worlds in which to weave relationships and collaborations that drive the Adrenalina collections to interpret the many ways of being that each user of such intimate products as seating can reflect in the choice of pieces of furniture that become part of their own experience.

Being able to merge two worlds, design and art, is extremely stimulating. An element is born that can no longer be called an object or a work of art. This experiment gives life to the most hidden part of our art, which we never imagined was meant to be hung on walls, but is an art that comes from life and wants to be lived” explains Le Clochart.

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