Debonademeo studio

Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo founded the Debonademeo studio based in Padua and Milan. A dual perspective marked by innovation and tradition that characterises projects aimed at overcoming the form-function dualism to enrich the contemporary habitat with expressive value. A micro and macro scale research that reinterprets and merges various fields: architecture, design, graphics and art to create contexts and artefacts capable of telling stories and inducing emotions. Declaring the hic et nunc as their own methodological manifesto, they connect different signals of the past and present to translate them into creative strategies in an innovative approach to brand identity, art direction and product design.

For Adrenalina they created Swing, Hammock, Passepartout and Nubia.

“Our ideas are overlapping frames of journeys and visions, the result of a process that stems from a question and looks for the answer around the world, in society, through details. Each of our projects stems from its hic et nunc.”