Boll Le Clochart limited edition

Adrenalina’s exploration of the art world continues with a new limited series: the BOLL armchair is reimagined in a harmonious fusion of design, art, and craftsmanship.

Once again, Adrenalina explores the intersection of design and art, embracing other disciplines. This openness to collaboration has brought the BOLL armchair project to life, a historic piece designed by Simone Micheli, now re-proposed in a limited edition. The armchair is embellished with an artist’s fabric resulting from the collaboration with the duo Le Clochart, Ilaria Milandri and Jessica Di Vito. This series-produced piece has been transformed into an exclusive object dressed in art.

Since its launch in 1999, Adrenalina has been known for creating upholstered furniture with unique and eclectic shapes. Craftsmanship gives each product a distinctive character and excellent comfort, even in the most daring designs.

The BOLL armchair, with its compact and round design, brings to life Le Clochart‘s reinterpretation of Botticelli’s Venus, making it a highly coveted collector’s item.

“The graphics are the result of a collaborative effort, evolving step by step. In this instance, Botticelli’s Venus was the starting point for our reinterpretation. The final design was discovered through freehand work on paper, experimenting with markers and tempera. Le Clochart said, ‘It is wonderful to see a two-dimensional drawing come to life on the soft shapes of the BOLL armchair.”

The printed fabric accurately reproduces the authors’ design. A durable printing technology was used to ensure excellent resistance to rubbing. Therefore, the armchair is not just a decorative object but a functional piece of furniture.

Le Clochart
Le Clochart is a creative project that began unexpectedly just before the pandemic. The event had a significant impact on the first series, which was jointly created by artists Jessica and Ilaria. Jessica Di Vito, a personal trainer by profession, has always drawn as an escape from her emotions. Ilaria Milandri attended Art School and then the Academy of Fine Arts. After ten years of not even picking up a felt-tip pen, she discovered her passion for figurative representation. That is when she met Jessica. This chance encounter led to the creation of the Le Clochart project (Instagram Le Clochart). Le Clochart‘s artwork is created on paper using acrylic markers and then transposed onto fabrics, paintings, objects, and clothing. The walls are decorated by hand, resulting in unique and unrepeatable works of art. Le Clochart‘s artwork is characterised by a distinctive line and a generous use of colour. It is produced in limited editions.

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